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  1. Man removed from Delta flight for using bathroom before takeoff (w/video)


    A Wisconsin man said he was removed from a Delta Air Lines flight because he had to get up from his seat to make an emergency restroom run.

    Delta says it's imperative passengers comply with crew instructions, especially at critical points of takeoff and landing.  [Associated Press]
  2. Will Zika return to Florida this summer? Yes, and it could be worse


    Wondering what's ahead for Zika?

    This coming summer will likely look like last summer, when 1,100 travel-related cases were reported statewide, and the virus spread in small pockets of South Florida.

    But there's a chance it could be worse.

    This summer could look a lot like last summer as far as the Zika virus is concerned in Florida. [Associated Press]
  3. NAACP Legal Defense Fund responds to Campbell Park Elementary principal's email


    The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which has long represented plaintiffs in a 50-year-old federal desegregation case against the Pinellas County school district for shortchanging black students, issued a statement Thursday in response to an email that instructed school staff to keep white students together in class in a …

  4. Trump to sign order creating accountability office at VA


    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order Thursday creating an accountability and whistleblower protection office at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin  said the purpose of the office is to help identify "barriers" that make it difficult to fire or reassign employees deemed unfit to work at the department and serve veterans.  Another function will be to help shield whistleblowers from retaliation. [Associated Press]
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